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Residential disputes are a common cause for court cases in East Brunswick, NJ. An experienced landlord tenant lawyer can recount many stories of situations where one side had unreasonable expectations or a severe misunderstanding. These disagreements always lead to significant headaches for both parties, so they are best resolved with legal assistance. Adams, Cassese & Papp L.L.C. has a tenant lawyer, landlord lawyer, or eviction lawyer who will represent your interests.

In most such disputes, it makes sense to push for a settlement out of court. Nevertheless, if the other party is unwilling to negotiate or offer what you’re due, we will fight to get it for you.

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Tenant Lawyer

As a tenant, you have the right to remain in a place for the length of your contract. Many people don’t realize that this even includes situations where someone has invited you to stay with them for a longer term. The government recognizes that living situations can’t simply be changed overnight, so you have legal protection in East Brunswick, NJ. If you have been served an eviction notice, then you should immediately contact an eviction lawyer. Many people overestimate the strength of an eviction notice when it simply does not override an existing agreement. Any landlord tenant lawyer knows the consequences of such actions.

Your landlord tenant lawyer can review the contract terms you’ve established, either written or through an established agreement. If your landlord is attempting to remove you unjustly, you deserve legal help. Similarly, if a landlord alleges that the lease terms are not what you’d actually agreed to, contact a tenant lawyer immediately. The waters get muddy when one party changes terms and both tacitly accept the new agreement. The more casual changes accrue and alter the initial agreement, the harder it is for everyone to determine a proper solution. Don’t risk your living situation on flimsy terms before a judge who must make sense of multiple conflicting accounts. Instead, be decisive and contact Adams, Cassese & Papp L.L.C. for representation.

Landlord Lawyer

Just as a tenant has a right to a stable living space, landlords have the right to their property. Your tenants must abide by the terms of their agreement, which includes more than paying rent on time. Oftentimes after a lease’s term is up, there will be significant damage to the property. While a security deposit is often enough to cover repairs and your tenant may accept the deductions, it is not always so smooth. If your tenant disputes the deductions or the damage far exceeds the security deposit, contact a landlord lawyer.

Rental agreements and leases in East Brunswick, NJ, are more complicated than other contracts. This added complication is due to the involvement of legal residence. A landlord tenant lawyer may warn you of the added difficulties, but they can also help you find a path through the legal mire.

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Eviction Lawyer

If you must evict a tenant, there is a convoluted legal process involving paperwork and notices. Your legal team must properly document and fully prepare everything, or else you risk losing the case. If you attempt an eviction yourself without an eviction lawyer, you may only succeed in wasting time and souring the waters with your tenant. Instead, contact a landlord tenant lawyer to review your case. Take the necessary time for clarity, but communicate with a landlord lawyer who can help you.

Whether you’re a landlord with an unruly tenant or a resident who needs a tenant lawyer, Adams Cassese & Papp L.L.C. will represent you. We have decades of experience working with tenant disputes and eviction processes. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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