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In an ideal situation, people would get along and work together in society in every situation. Unfortunately, the reality is not as kind as that vision, and people experience significant disagreements. In many cases, these disagreements must be settled by law with a civil litigation lawyer. Commerce is one of the largest areas that prompt legal action, so many people seek a contract lawyer near me to review disputes. Businesses especially are prone to legal action due to their corporate existence. That is to say, they can only truly argue out differences in a courtroom if negotiation has failed. If your company needs to find a business lawyer near me in New Brunswick, NJ, contact us. Adams, Cassese & Papp L.L.C. will have an individual to work on your behalf as a capable collection attorney near me.

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Collection Attorney Near Me

In some cases, a business provides service before payment and the client fails to pay. Alternatively, some people receive collection notices for debts that they don’t owe. In either situation, a collection attorney near me can represent your interests. For businesses that seek to enforce a contract, we’ll review the timeline of events with you. Depending on the available documentation, a civil litigation lawyer will create a plan of attack. Once all the documentation has been filed, there is still a chance to induce the client to pay in full. If they do not, then we will bring the matter to court.

On the other hand, if a company is unjustly claiming that you owe them money in New Brunswick, NJ, we can help you resist those charges. A contract lawyer near me can analyze the collections claim and find flaws. If the claim is unfounded, we can help show this and have the claim dismissed. No one deserves to be harassed by collection firms for a debt they don’t owe. Let us represent your case in order to help.

Contract Lawyer Near Me

Aside from situations involving collections, we work with many cases related to a contract breach. With a civil litigation lawyer, you can review the signed contract or the terms upon which you initially agreed. If the contract itself had a flaw, a contract lawyer near me can discover that and review it with you. However, if the contract was clear and secure, we will form a case to press for the resolution you desire. In many situations, the threat of legal action with a clear explanation of your assertion is enough to bring both sides to the bargaining table. If you can reach an agreeable solution outside of the courtroom, both sides may ultimately save time and money.

Even if the situation seems difficult to win, seek a business lawyer near me who is willing to review your case and fight for you. In cases without a written contract, you still have rights. As any civil litigation lawyer will tell you, oral contracts are binding in New Jersey as long as they fulfill the basic requirements of contract law in New Jersey:

  • Offer and Acceptance
  • Consideration (both sides offering something they value)
  • Meeting of the Minds (both sides agreeing on the terms they’re discussing)
  • Certainty (the terms and conditions being clear and understandable)

Even without a written document, if there is any record or evidence of those four conditions, then a civil litigation lawyer can argue there is a contract. This fact is as true in major commercial disputes as it is in small claims court.

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Business Lawyer Near Me

Adams, Cassese & Papp L.L.C. has the contract lawyer near me that can help represent your interests in New Brunswick, NJ. If you’re searching for a civil litigation lawyer to assist you, whether as a business lawyer near me or a collection attorney near me, please consider working with us. We offer a free consultation to review the basics of your case. Ultimately, you don’t want to waste any time when there’s a contract dispute or collections disagreement. Call today to learn more.

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