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Attorney Allen Papp is a lawyer in Middlesex County, NJ. He graduated from Temple Law School in 1976. He works primarily in private practice and strives to help his clients achieve their goals. After graduation, he eventually joined the firm that would come to be known as Adams, Cassese & Papp L.L.C. The firm was founded in 1951, and originally had several other attorneys backing it. Attorney Papp eventually became a partner and later, lead partner of the firm. He specializes in land use laws and estate law, which includes commercial and residential real estate, representing landlords and tenants, and probate law. If you are interested in his legal services, then please consider contacting Adams, Cassese & Papp today for your free consultation.

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Attorney Allen Papp

Certifications and Board Memberships:

  • Certified Municipal Prosecutor by the Municipal Prosecutor’s Association
  • Former Board Member of Perth Amboy Chamber of Commerce
  • Former Board Member of Perth Amboy Business Improvement District
  • Former President of the Perth Amboy Rotary Club
  • Former Group Representative for the Rotary International, District 751
  • Former Group Coordinator for the Rotary International, District 751
  • Former Member of the Youth Exchange Committee for the Rotary International, District 751
  • Board Member of the Raritan Bay YMCA

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